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 Since 2003 there has been a decline in numeracy skills within the population.

17 million adults in the United kingdom are working at a level of numeracy roughly equivalent to that expected of children at primary school.

Around 4 in 5 adults have a low level of numeracy.

Numeracy and basic skills underpin lifelong learning and enable adults to participate and contribute fully in society.Numeracy is a life-long learning- necessary to allow each of us to make informed choices and decision in all aspects of everyday life. It touches activities not only such as choosing a mortgage or a utilities contract, checking invoices or wage slips, working out a monthly budget or helping with children's homework, but also planning a journey, cooking a meal, reading a newspaper, or playing sport. Confidence and competence in numeracy affect all aspects of our lives, everyday.



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 Recognising that adults with lower levels of numeracy have poorer education, employment and health outcomes, Fresh Start programme encourages adults to re-engage with numeracy skills in order that they may more effectively engage with the world whether that be at work, at home ,as parents or in the community.

Many people in the workplace lack basic competence with numbers, resulting in significant skill gaps. The challenge is not simply one of being able to understand mathematics or perform calculations but of being able to  practically apply numeracy in the workplace.

Third Wave is committed to widening access to these skills, particularly amongst under-served groups in our communities.

We aim to:

  • Raise visibility of the issue of low numeracy levels in the UK.
  • Spread the message that numeracy is a vital life skill and can be learnt.



We partner with other regional and national organisations to drive this vital strategy.




Since 2011 Third Wave has worked with Department of Health, the NHS, Union Learning Fund and Managers in Partnership to run numeracy workshops in order to enable staff to develop confidence in mathematical thinking, practice and numerical skills. We examined and showcased how to support the development of numeracy using health setting as a context for learning. The outcome of this innovative project will feed into a research programme commissioned by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to establish the effectiveness of different approaches to delivering adult learning.







Fresh Start is a community-based project.

The volunteers play an important role in the programme by sharing their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with the participants.


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