Healthier Eating





Takeaway and restaurant meals form a significant part of the UK diet. According to Department of Health statistics, more than 1 in 4 people in the UK eat out or purchase takeaway food on more occasions than they eat at home during the week. Fast food often contains a disproportionate amount of saturated fat and salt and is recognised as having a significant impact on rising levels of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the UK.

Third Wave associates have a campaign to work with their local takeaways and restaurants to support the development of healthier menus and to raise awareness of healthier life-style choices and the contribution that this can make to improved health and well-being






To work in partnership with the owner/managers of restaurants and takeaways in our localities to provide and promote healthier meals and raise awareness of healthier life-style choices. ? ?


1) To promote the healthier takeaway options within our local communities.

2) To work with the takeaway owners/managers to encourage customers to purchase healthier options. ?

3)To highlight to fast food business that there is an unmet demand for healthier takeaway meals from the customers.

4)To encourage owners/managers to provide information on local physical activity classes.