Thames Ring Project

In the UK more than 80% of people live in urban areas, often inhabiting settings with limited access to nature and green space It is well established that exposure to natural places can lead to positive mental outcomes, whether a view of nature from a window, being within green places or exercising in these environments. As our natural environment has increasingly come under pressure from economic development,. so it seems our own well-being has suffered as a consequence. Stress and mental ill-health are becoming more common, and some of the associated behaviours, such as smoking, over-eating and high alcohol consumption, used as coping mechanism, have their own serious consequences on longevity and physical health.




As part of our Well-Being Project, from 2008 onward, a number of cruises have been undertaken on the Thames Ring, organised for local families and their children.




We have had another successful cruising season with 8 cruises on the Regent's Canal. Cruises usually take place on Saturday mornings and take approximately about 4 hours. We cater for groups of up to 10 people on each cruising session. Light refreshments are provided on board.

" To reserve a place contact us on 07546911737 "